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SUNS # 9467 Thursday 25 November 2021

Trade : Doha agriculture chair exposes her "biases" against developing countries (PRIV)
(D. Ravi Kanth, Geneva)
With less than six days to go before the WTO's 12th ministerial conference (MC12), the chair of the Doha agriculture negotiations, Ambassador Gloria Abraham Peralta from Costa Rica, seems to have single-handedly undermined prospects for any credible outcomes in the agriculture dossier, due to her allegedly "biased" position on the permanent solution for public stockholding programs for food security in the developing countries, said people familiar with the development.

Trade : CSOs sharply criticize Walker process on WTO's response to pandemic (PRIV)
(Kanaga Raja, Geneva)
Over 80 civil society organizations (CSOs) including global health, development, and human rights groups as well as global trade union federations have severely criticized the so-called "Walker process" on the WTO's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a "cynical scheme" to distract from the failure of the World Trade Organization to mount the required response to the ongoing pandemic.

United Nations : A third of all women are subjected to violence (PRIV)
(IPS, Madrid)
Thirty percent of women and girls suffered physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, most frequently by an intimate partner.

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