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SUNS is a unique source of information and analyses on international development issues with particular focus on North-South and South-South negotiations. 

Over the years SUNS has provided unique in-depth coverage of the activities of the Non-Aligned countries, of the Group of 77 and other regional and inter-regional groups of the South and the non-governmental organizations. 

The SUNS has been a unique source of information, from the Southern perspective, of the processes of negotiations, formal and informal, of  GATT and the Uruguay Round, the Mid-Term Review Process, the Brussels Ministerial Session and since then, the UNCTAD Conferences, and of the entire debates and dialogue on environment/development issues, the Earth Summit and other major UN Conferences, as well as their follow-up. 

Subscribers to SUNS can choose to receive the service as e-mail and have whole access to this website, including the archive of previous editions. This non-profit and non-commercial service is distributed on a  cost-sharing basis and on principles of capacity to pay. 

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What readers say about SUNS:

Luis Fernando Jaramillo, Former Permanent Representative of Colombia to the United Nations and Chairman of Group of 77 (1993): "The SUNS is known for being one of the few news services available that caters to the information needs of developing countries with continuing and up-to-date news and analyses on developments in South-South and South-North relations..."

The Late Kenneth Dadzie, Former Secretary General UNCTAD: "The SUNS and its coverage of international economic issues and negotiations has become an essential input to the capacity of UNCTAD to keep abreast of current negotiations and an important ingredient for our policy analysis..."

Rubens Ricupero, Secretary-General of UNCTAD: "... depth of knowledge and very insightful analysis on every aspect of economic development ... very rigorous on technical matters and, at the same time, faithful to a moral commitment, to a cause... of justice, of equity and fairness...."

Jan Pronk, former Minister for Development Cooperation, The Netherlands: "...the continued publication of the SUNS is very important to reflect the news and opinions of international development policy making...I have always been very impressed by the quality of the bulletin as a channel for information on international negotiations since my return to Netherlands in 1988 my appreciation even became higher. In Geneva itself, so close to negotiations, one is less aware of the information-gap abroad..."

Jan Ruyssenaars, Senior Policy Advisor at Novib/Oxfam of the Netherlands "Reading the daily contributions a matter of tough discipline in a busy life, but very rewarding as supplementary to The Economist or the Financial Times, and invaluable for those who study globalization and act to redress it."

Bal Krishna Zutshi, former Permanent Representative of India to GATT (1989-1994): "With its in-depth analyses of North-South dimensions of international relations in trade and economic spheres...and underlying policy trends common to various subject matters, SUNS has proved a helpful tool in gaining a perspective on the 'wood' of international economic relations as distinct from the 'tree' of individual negotiating issues... and has emerged as a useful link among developing country delegations in Geneva... and can prove equally useful as a source of information and analyses in the capitals of developing countries."

S. Narayanan, former Permanent Representative of India to WTO (1995-2001): "The SUNS ... provides an incisive analysis of all trade, finance and development issues .. the uniqueness of SUNS is that it has also the necessary courage and conviction to project the point of view as well as the interests of developing countries against all odds... has provided on numerous occasions the necessary intellectual support as well as inspiration to argue and fight for what is just and fair."

Halida Miljani, Ambassador of Indonesia to the WTO: "The SUNS is a useful reference and informative publication for developing countries since it has been able to provide ... substantive and in-depth analysis on various issues related to trade, economics and development ... as well as issues that have a direct effect on the well-being of developing countries.... it has been a valuable service in balancing international media's opinions...."

Dr. Manmohan Singh MP, former Finance Minister of India and former Secretary- General of the South Commission: "SUNS continues to make an outstanding contribution in the field of international development cooperation..."

Prof. Gerald Helleiner, Department of Economics and Distinguished Fellow at the Monk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto: "The SUNS is... an absolutely unique source of up-to-date information, alternative views, and above all, developing country perspectives... on the international events that are likely to be of greatest concern to the people and policy-makers of developing countries and their friends in the North."

Celso Amorim, former Foreign Minister, ambassador of Brazil to the WTO and ambassador to the UK: "the SUNS contained not just articles on trade but very important articles on sustainable development.... it is an important source of information not only for delegations but the press itself as well as a source of reference..."

Hamidon Ali, former ambassador of Malaysia to UN and WTO: "For most developing country missions, SUNS is a required reading in order to understand what is going on... there may be differences on conclusions at times, but more often than not, it has put the finger at the right place and on the right issues."

Ransford Smith, Ambassador of Jamaica to the UN and WTO: "the number of meetings and hectic pace of activity in Geneva places an extraordinary premium on time and quality information. The SUNS meets both needs. It saves time and contributes to fuller understanding of the issues by providing coverage that is both broad and of great depth, yet always succinct.. solid, reliable and .... an institution in its own right."

Edith Ballantyne, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: "SUNS is an indispensable source of information on multilateral negotiations concerning trade and development and related issues, explaining the hidden forces that advance or halt negotiations and agreements... an essential help to us in our work to promote economic and social justice."

Martin McLaughlin, Adjunct Research Associate, Center of Concern, Washington DC: "The SUNS and its angle of vision ... are a great corrective for the kinds of reporting often provided to us by the media of North or West.."

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