Apr 8, 1988


BELGRADE APRIL 6 (IFDA) The problem of China's attendance at the meeting of the GSTP negotiating committee here appears to have been resolved, with China agreeing to attend as a special guest.

The Yugoslav authorities, as the host country, had earlier extended such an invitation to China, since it appeared difficult to invite the country as "observer" in view of the rules of procedure of the GSTP negotiating committee.

While the Chinese were weighing this up, some of their friends had tried to push for China to be invited as "observer" on the basis of the decision of the G77 Foreign Ministers in New York in 1986.

But it became clear here that while the GSTP participants wanted to make a political gesture, they were reluctant to create a precedent or change the rules of procedure at this stage.

The Chinese for their part, while anxious to join the GSTP, have also been anxious not to do anything that would come in the way of the conclusion of the agreement here.

With this view, perhaps, they have now advised the host government that they will be attending-the ministerial meetings as special guest, according to committee sources.

Members of the GSTP committee were highly appreciative of the Chinese gesture and action in solving a problem created by the Foreign Ministers of the G77. _