Nov 7, 1986


GENEVA, NOVEMBER 5 (IFDA) Charles E. Carlisle, currently the Chief Textile Negotiator for the United States, has been appointed as deputy Director-General of GATT, it was announced Wednesday.

Carlisle will take over in January 1987, replacing William Kelly, also U.S. national, who is retiring at the end of the year.

Madam G. Mathur of India is the other deputy Director-General of GATT.

Carlisle, an U.S. Career Foreign Services Officer till 1970, was chief of the International Action Branch in the Commodity Division of UNCTAD (1970-71), and chairman of the Lead-Zinc Producers Committee (1971-74).

He was the President of the Man-Made Fibber Producers Association in the U.S. (1983-84), before rejoining the U.S. government in 1984, and was the chief U.S. Negotiator in the MFA-4 negotiations, which produced the most discriminatory and retrograde arrangement ever in the International Trade in Textiles and Clothing.