Sep 12, 1986


GENEVA SEP. 9 (IFDA) -- The Peoples Republic of Bulgaria has sought accession to the general agreement on tariffs and trade (GATT), and to negotiate the terms of its accession during the course of the proposed new round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations (MTNS).

The Bulgarian request, dates Sep. 8, has been circulated to the GATT contracting parties at its instance.

Bulgaria has been an observer in GATT since 1967. It participated in the Tokyo round MTNS, and joined two of the codes negotiated under it - those relating to bovine meat and the dairy arrangements.

In seeking accession under article XXXIII of GATT, the communication has said that Bulgaria expects its level of development to be taken into consideration by the GATT CPS when the conditions for its accession are discussed.

The communication describes Bulgaria as "an open economy", with half of its national income coming from exports to international markets, and with international trade relations with some 100 partners, including virtually all GATT CPS.

As "a developing economy", the communication says, Bulgaria feels that by its becoming a contracting party, the possibilities for its participation in world trade would be broadened and its own economic development accelerated.

Bulgaria, accordingly, was prepared to contribute to furthering the objectives of the general agreement, and assume the corresponding rights and obligations.

At the same, it expects that Bulgaria's level of economic development would be taken into consideration when the conditions for its accession are discussed.