Jul 29, 1987


GENEVA, JULY 27 (IFDA) The setting up of the South Commission "is an important moment in the evolution of third world organisation and it is, therefore, an important moment for the international community as a whole", the Commonwealth secretary-general Shridath Ramphal told UNCTAD-VII Monday evening.

The Commission, he noted, is "to make a thorough and objective analysis of the major economic, social and political problems confronting the peoples and nations of the third world, and, secondly, to formulate realistic, and practical measures to deal with these problems".

"The South Commission", Ramphal added, "is an idea whose time has come. It is a reality, which holds immense potential for the evolution of a real and productive partnership within the international community in all the areas that are before UNCTAD-VII. It should help us here to look to the future with a larger measure of both hope and confidence".