Jul 28, 1987


GENEVA, JULY 27 (IFDA/CHAKRAVARTHI RAGHAVAN) The Group of 77 assessed the state of UNCTAD-VII negatively, and decided to intervene in the Plenary Tuesday to convey their dissatisfaction.

The group also decided to explore various political options, in the light of the negative stand of the Group B countries in the various negotiations.

The G77 who held a meeting Monday, in the light of the outcome (rather the total lack of it) in various negotiations in the Committee decided on this step.

While a few members cautioned against "confrontation", the mood at the meeting was that UNCTAD and the G77 were already at zero level at the Conference, and the Group B was trying to push them below that, and the G77 had to react politically, and explore all options.

However this was not spelt out.