12:14 PM May 29, 1997


Geneva, 29 May (Chakravarthi Raghavan) -- The responsibility of rich countries to take actions on their own territories to punish advertisements and promotion of sex-tourism, child prostitution and pornography has been once again underlined by the ILO Committee of Experts.

The Committee of Experts has for several years in the past been drawing attention to this aspect of need for actions against forced labour, and particularly child labour.

"The exploitation and human misery still occurring in many member States in flagrant contravention of this ILO Convention (No 29 of 1930) are a matter of the gravest concern," the Committee notes, adding:

"One aspect of significant disquiet to the Committee relates to forced child labour, and particularly the exploitation of child prostitution and pornography. This form of child labour is increasingly advertised outside the country in which it occurs and is therefore the subject of deliberate and increased exploitation by tourists and visitors from other countries.

"No longer is such exploitation of children a responsibility only of the country in which it occurs, as it is an international responsibility.

"The Committee again appeals to those member States which have taken no action, to assist in the eradication of these deplorable practices by taking measures in their own territories, to prevent the involvement of persons within their territory, in particular by ensuring punishment of those who advertise or promotion of such activities, whatever the technical method used, in another country or travel there for such activities."

Says the Committee: "Such complimentary measures would not of course absolve the member States in which such exploitation of children occurs from itself taking action to prevent such practices and to prosecute all persons involved."