Jan 26, 1990


GENEVA, JANUARY 25 (BY CHAKRAVARTHI RAGHAVAN) The GATT Council Thursday adopted by consensus the report of the panel on the U.S.-EEC dispute over EEC subsidies to oilseeds producers, but after reservations from the EEC and some other Europeans on the panel's interpretations of some of the concerned GATT articles.

An EEC communication, circulated at the meeting made clear that the EEC was only accepting the recommendations of the panel on the EEC adjusting its regulations, and making clear that the community "will adopt the Community regulations in question in the context of the implementation of the results of the Uruguay Round".

While the U.S. itself, according to a GATT spokesman, did not comment on this, Australia said the implementation of a panel ruling could not be dependent on the outcome of the Uruguay Round.

Japan said the adoption of the panel report could not prejudice the position of any contracting party in the context of the Uruguay Round.