From GATT-Uruguay Round
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SUNS # 7900  Thursday  23 October 2014

Trade : WTO D-G begins consultations, HOD meet set for 31 October    (PRIV)
(Kanaga Raja, Geneva)
The WTO Director-General has announced that he would begin consultations on the current impasse over the issue of public stockholding for food security purposes and the adoption of the Protocol of Amendment on the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) as well as on the future of the other Bali decisions and the post-Bali work programme.

Climate : Mitigation, adaptation and finance must be linked, say South    (PRIV)
(Indrajit Bose, Bonn)
A large number of developing countries want to establish a clear link in the 2015 climate agreement between the level of mitigation effort undertaken by developed countries and the support required for resulting adaptation needs.

Climate : GCF agrees on ‘no-objection procedure' for funding proposals    (PRIV)
(Indrajit Bose, Bonn)
The Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board reached an important decision that enables the Board to only consider funding proposals that are submitted with a formal letter of "no-objection" from the country concerned.

United Nations : Ebola outbreak threatens food crisis in West Africa    (PRIV)
(IPS, New York)
The widespread outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, which has resulted in over 4,500 deaths so far, is also threatening to trigger a food crisis in the three countries already plagued by poverty and hunger.

Mideast : History of key document in IAEA probe suggests Israeli forgery    (PRIV)
(IPS, Washington)
Western diplomats have reportedly faulted Iran in recent weeks for failing to provide the International Atomic Energy Agency with information on experiments on high explosives intended to produce a nuclear weapon, according to an intelligence document the IAEA is investigating.

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